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Tenant Qualification

Our required standards for qualifying to rent a home are simple and fair. They are:

• All homes are offered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability or familial status.
• Each adult occupant 18 and over must submit an application.
• Credit score of 650 or higher, with a sliding scale down to 600. (Credit score of 600- 649 requires a double deposit). Credit scores within 550 -599 require a guarantor.
• Your gross monthly income must equal approximately 2.5 times or more the monthly rent.

• Be able to furnish 3 months proof of the required income.
• Good references, housekeeping, and property maintenance from your previous Landlords.
• No evictions in previous 4 years.
• No collections for previous landlords within the last 5 years.
• Limit the number of occupants to 2 per bedroom. (including children)

* Compensating Factors can include additional requirements such as increased deposits, previous history of long-term rental (average 3 years or more per home), rent paid in advance for applicants who fall short of the above criteria, or parental guarantor requests.

  • * Section 8 and other house assistance vouchers are not accepted at this time.

About RAC

RAC Properties is a realtor specializing in rental homes, rental properties & rentals for tenants, real estate, multi-family dwellings, apartment complexes & remodeled homes in Clarke County.

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